Recent Graduates and NewComers – ’21 Fall

Naman Gupta, Ritika, Jain, Vaidik Shah, Sanjana Sham Sunder Bharadwaj and Yiqi Shao defended their MS thesis this summer.  Naman and Sanjana started working at Applied Materials, and Ritika joined Tesla.  Vaidik is admitted to our PhD program, and will work on controlling gel structures of electrolyte for Li-Sulfur batteries. Yiqi continued to work on modification of membranes and electrodes for flow batteries as research assistant in the group.

Chris Klaassen successfully defended his PhD thesis on creating synergy between graphene and redox mediator for Li-Air Battery cathodes in June, and he will start working at Intel. Somy Zamani, postdoc in the group took the job at Nissan R&D Center in July.

Shreyans Gadiya, Ziang GaoAnurag Holani, and Sweety Khatari, incoming MS students, joined the group in September. Shreyans will work on development of polymer-ceramic hybrid separators for Li-sulfur batteries, and Ziang will work on hybridization of Li metal and graphene for Li metal batteries. Anurag and Sweety will develop mesoscale modeling of directed assembly of block copolymers and membrane coating for Li-sulfur batteries, respectively.

June-Yo Chen and Chia-Yi Lin, incoming PhD students, joined the group. June-Yo who received her BS and MS from  National Tsing Hua University will investigate the dynamics of polymeric materials in lithography processes. Chia-Yi who received her BS and MS from Chang Gung University and National Taiwan University, respectively will work on the motionless 3D printing based on electrical switching on the collector.

Finally, and Dr. Mohammad Aziz, postdoc joined the group in late October. Mohammad will work on polymer/ceramic hybrid based separators and lightweight graphene fibers composites.