Recent Graduates and Newcomers – ’23 Fall

Yash Joshi and Jasper Qiu successfully defended their PhD thesis, and started working at Nissan R&D Center and Applied Materials, respectively.

Shreyans Gadiya, Ziang Gao, Anurag Holani, and Sweety Khatri successfully defended their MS thesis this summer.  Shreyans started working at Albemarle Corporation, and Sweety joined Intel.  Anurag was admitted to the PhD program at University of Minnesota, and Ziang Gao, who was admitted to our PhD program, will work on understanding and designing the Li metal interphases for Li-metal batteries. Ritwick Sinha, who earned his MEng degree in the department, was also admitted to our PhD program, and we will study the functionalization of exfoliated graphene using the high shearing Couette system.

Yuheng Wang, incoming MS student, joined the group in September. Yuheng will work on development of lithiated graphene assmebly for Li metal and Li sulfur batteries.

Vaidik Shah and Adamya Patel are currently doing their internships at Sila Nanotechnologies and Tesla, respectively, and they will come back to the group in December.