New group members – ’22 Fall

Preston Hollopeter, incoming PhD student joined the group in September. Preston earned his BS degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Rochester. He will work on incorporate metal organic frameworks (MOFs) in microporous fibers for direct air capture of CO2 applications. Yiqi Shao who did her MS thesis work in the group was admitted to our PhD program, and we will study the interplay between assembly of polymer/ceramic hybrids and material properties and electrochemical performance in LIB separator applications.

Yuxin Huo, Anjali Maheshwari, Adamya Patel, Bhavika Rathi, and Chunyi Zhang incoming MS students, joined the group in September. Yuxin will work on development of motionless 3D printing and it application to 3D electrodes, Anjali will work on tailoring graphene coating for LIB cathode materials. Adamya and Bhavika will work on processing exfoliated graphene and silicon from recycled screams for cost-effective next generation anode materials for LIBs. Finally,  Chunyi will develop gel ceramic electrolyte for Li metal batteries.

June-Yo Chen and Yash Joshi are currently doing their internship at Applied Materials and Tesla, respectively, and Yash will come back to the group in January.