Recent Graduates – Summer ’20

We have six group members who graduated this summer.

Mohammed AlAmer successfully defended his PhD thesis on synthesis and fabrication of graphenic microsheets using model Taylor-Couette reactors in May and went back to Saudi Aramco.

Nicole Huang, successfully defended her MS thesis on the development of polymer/ceramic hybrid materials in May and started working at Proctor & Gamble in June. 

Caspar Yi successfully defended his MS thesis on development of highly-loaded sulfur cathodes for Li-Sulfur batteries in May and went back to West Point as a faculty member.

Jasper Qiu and Meichun An successfully defended their MS thesis this summer as well.  Both are admitted to our PhD program, and will work on mesoscale modeling of directed self-assembly in block copolymer lithography and the interplay between the functionalization of graphene nanoribbons and mitigation of polysulfide shuttling in Li-S batteries, respectively.

Finally, Avinash Umasankaran successfully defended his MS thesis in July and started working at QunatumScape Corp. in Silicon Valley in August.