Awards, Defense, and Newcomer

Andrew Shah, 3rd year PhD student in the group, received the Outstanding Graduate TA of the Year Award this year. Andrew TAed ChemE 3320, Analysis of Separation Processes, in the Spring semester. This TA of the Year Award is chosen by the undergraduates and faculty in the department.

The poster on Photo/stress/time Sensitive Nanomaterials for Webbing Products by Mani Korah, Hongshen Liu and Zhenia Zhmayev in the group has been selected as the 1st place at the CCMR Symposium Poster Competition on May 27. The best poster was chosen by the industrial participants of the Symposium and Cornell faculty.

Soshana Smith successfully defended her PhD thesis in May. She will start working at Axium Nano in July where she will develop polymer-ceramic hybrid separators for Li-ion batteries.

Willy Halim, new MS student in the department, joined the group. Willy received his MEng degree from the Department in May, and started working on the controlling micro and meso pores in conductive carbon for Li-sulfur battery cathode application.