Recent Graduates and Newcomers

Shubham Pinge successfully defended his PhD thesis on mesoscale modeling of directed self-assembly of block copolymer lithography in January and started working at Intel in Portland, Oregon.

Mounica Divvela, successfully defended her PhD thesis on discretized modeling of electrically driven jets and droplets in June and started working in Computational Group at Intel in Portland, Oregon. 

George Shebert successfully defended his PhD thesis on modeling the dynamics of mesoscale materials and electrochemical systems for energy applications in July and started working Intel in Portland, Oregon

Chao-Wen Chang, Travis O’Neil, Leyan Wang, and Yash Joshi defended their MS thesis this summer.  Chao-Wen started his PhD study at Geogia Tech. this fall, and Leyan joined the PhD program at Nanyang Technical University in Singapore.  Travis started working at Global Research Center in GE in Niskayuna, NY. Yash will continue working in the group as research assistant, studying volume expansion of silicon-graphene hybrid anodes for Li-ion batteries